about the artist

I'd love to hear what you think. Most paintings are available. Inquire for prices. If you know the location of any old trucks and cars I'm always looking for new subjects. Please e-mail me at: kbeers@bway.net

 I don't believe in longwinded manifestos. The paintings can speak for themselves more honestly than anything I could say. I will say that I only paint things for which I have a strong emotional attraction . I am drawn to certain subjects that I return to again and again. I have always been fascinated by cars and trucks. Like many young boys, they were my introduction to drawing. As an adult I returned to that first love, drawn back to them by the anthropormorphic qualities I find in these faded, cast off relics. more words
My truck paintings were featured in American Artist Magazine May 2000 Automobile Magazine June 2001 and Sports and Classic Car June 2001.


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